Sunday 21st July 2024

14 Muharram 1446

Maghrib Jamā‘ah

9:12 pm

2 Hours 0 Minutes
Fast Begins: 3:18 am Fast Ends: 9:07 pm
Begins3:18 am5:06 am1:12 am6:33 pm9:07 pm10:13 pm
Jamā‘ah4:00 am1:30 am7:00 pm9:12 pm10:30 pm
Jummah 1:30 pm | 2:00 pm
23 Northcross Road East Dulwich London SE22 9ET
Phone: 02082991046

Start Ramadan with the intention to become a better person! This is a time to be grateful to Allah 

Dulwich Islamic Centre & Mosque is pleased to announce that 1st Ramadan 1444 is on

Monday 11th  March 2024 Ramadān 1444

The first Tarawih prayers will be in the evening of Sunday 10th March 2024 at 8:15pm

The late night (2nd) Tarwih for late worker will start at 11:30pm and will be adjusted accordingly to maximise the attendance 

Tahjudd will Starts in the last 10 days 

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The Imam will be aiming to do Khatam Al Quran (Reciting the whole Quran in Tarawih as we usually aim in Ramadan) With in 20 Rakkats 

There will be also be guest Imams in Ramadan so keep an eye out for announcement

There will be  space for women to pray tarawih in with limited toilet and wudu facilities so please make wudu at home .

There will be limited Iftar in the mosque should you want to provide iftar please add your self to the list alternatively you can donate to the iftar fund just ask the Imam 

Download our calendar in a mobile friendly JPEG format Ramadan Calendar  

Download our calendar in a PDF format  RamadanCalendar PDF 

We will monitor the Ramadān arrangements and adjust accordingly to keep the community safe.

Note: the start and end of Ramadan depend on the sighting of the new moon – when this is known, it will be announced on our website and social media.

We ask Allāh Almighty to accept all our good deeds this Ramadān, that Allāh Almighty forgives the sins of all those who have passed away before this Ramadān and that Allāh Almighty relieves humanity.